Planning Manager

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Description de poste :• Responsible of organizing and controlling the work of planning dept. Job Responsibilities: • Receives order from sales department. • Coordinates with sales dept. regarding complete details of orders including order quantity, size and color breakdown. • Prepare consumptions of every models and determine the total quantities of all materials needed in all orders and forward such information to Procurement and copy furnish to the Factory Manager. • Make a summary of all orders per PO, Model and style for all client. • Initiate a fast track record to track down qty. of materials, samples, status of production per operation and finish product and furnish the same to factory management team and Finished goods supervisor. • Make a constant follow-up of all materials needed by all orders to procurement department and inform factory managerof the development and any delays whatsoever. • Maintain a balance record of all materials for easy replenishment of fast moving items and short materials. • Perform any duties that may be assigned from time to time by immediate superior.  

Profil rechercher :• Bachelor degree in relevant subject • Minimum 5 years experience ,with not less than 3 years experience as a planning manager  

Expérience :Exigée    Durée d'Expérience :
Domaine d'Expérience :Economics, Management, Finance 
Pays de poste :QATAR    
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Protection sociale :Oui   Frais de voyage :Oui    Vehicule :Oui 
Logement :Oui   
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Langue :English    Requirement :Exigée 
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